Sorgamae endralum athu namma oora pola varuma. Happy 375th Birthday Madras.

A seed is sown, it grows into a plant and in turn a big tree. Now the tree continues to live on with the support of the earth below it and the nourishment is drawn through the roots. My roots lie in Chennai, this great old city. Whether its Chennai or Madras doesnt matter. What's in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet. Yes the place is what matters, but the names of Institutuions cant be changed for eg. University of Madras cant become Chennai University as in Naukri's website.

I am an amalgamation of many things but the one crucial thing is this city. Even though I was born in coimbatore, I ve always lived and loved this city. We are currently writing a blog tag on one thing I'd like to change in this city as part of the Madras Day celebrations in Chennai Bloggers Club.  But here is a list of the things I like about my city (with or without those changes), in no particular order:

  • I met my best friends and the love of my life here.
  • Right from education to marriage to work, I ve never had to travel to any other place in search of any of these things.
  • I can get to the beach (right from ennore till mahabalipuram) anytime I wanted. (yes it may sound cliched but I know how proud I am when we take our cousins from coimbatore, who have no beach! we've fooled people saying the beach is closed on sundays and such...)
  • There is no dearth for places to go for a day trip. Waterfalls (Tada and Conai), Birds Sanctuary (Vedanthangal), Hills (Pallavaram), Lakes (Chembarampakkam, Pulicat, Poondi and numerous nameless one near Chengalpet. Setha College?! (National Museum) and Uyir college?! - National Park (Guindy), Zoological Park and amusement parks, you name it and we have it.
  • Many complain about Chennai 's weather being hot, hotter or hottest. But I know of friends who've emigrated from Chennai and settled in the Northern Hemisphere for work, and long for sunny days.
  •  Entertainment - yes the world famous Tamizh cinema has its birthplace here, Cinemas, stage shows and theatre is abundant.
  • Fashion is different in Madras, folks dont go around looking for whats the latest, instead they sport anything thats comfortable for the chennai climate and become trendsetters!
  • The originally PTC (Pallavan Transport Corp) which is now MTC, was is and will be the lifeline of this busy city. I too was transported for more than half of my life in this public transport before i switched to my bike. The people who were my co-commuters and the conductors and drivers have taught many a life's lesson.
  • The Madras filter coffee cures more maladies that the medical community is unaware of!
  • People relatively live in peace and harmony.
At this point im reminded of Sorgamae endralum athu namma oora pola varuma song. I thank my God for blessing me with a life in Madras.


Pallavaram Hills?? And, are you sure about that filter coffee curing maladies and not causing any? :P

I lived in CBE for a year and a half and I loved that city. Small town charm in a big city. But I had to move back to hot, hotter and hottest Chennai! :)

Destination Infinity
Divia said…
When u can have a second city and airport in Mogappair, yes filter coffee can cure maladies. duh.

And yes Pallavaram i said hills not mountain ranges. Besides St. Thomas Mount and Little mount are not names given by me.

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