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Grandmother. what does it bring to our minds? Lots of love, care and delicious food and of course home remedy for everything from dry coughs in the night to diabetes control ! Yes this post is in loving memory of my ammatchi, who passed away a year ago due to renal failure. She was 89.
As we celebrate her first year death anniversary, I am reminiscencing all the goodness she had bestowed on me. Of course after my wedding my ammachi was away and didnt really have good rapport for some reason. Even till day i feel as if she lives in one of my mama's place.
That apart, She is Maria Selvam, the last of the nine children in her family of whom many died, She used to speak very high of her brother who brought her up and educated her. She was a trained teacher and very good in tailoring and embroidery. She taught me some embroidery and crochet too. She worked as a teacher and earned Rs. 20 as her salary, all this pre-independence period! She also used to tell stories of War period when cere…