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Forwards?! they actually take us backwards in our faith

Please pass this sms, prayer, picture, story... within the next hour to 8, 12, eight to the power of 12 people...or more?!
Let's see if Satan can stop this!
"Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven." Mt 10:32 so dont be ashamed to circulate Jesus among your friends... sort of threatening after effects if you dont do it!

Now most of us have received such emails and sms s and forwarded it many times

Saint Teresa of Child Jesus's Prayer..

Mother Teresa started this novena...

The Apparition of O.L.Fatima...
and many more...
Sometimes the content is too good to resist. So i forward it by editing the above said things. Because I beleive in God and all His goodness. He is not a God of Tit for Tat... if u dont acknowledge me i will do the same.... rubbish.

The others are if you forward this something good/miracle will happen today, you will get financial help, your loved one will come back to you, blah blah... come on everyd… will be fondly remembered

Grandmother. what does it bring to our minds? Lots of love, care and delicious food and of course home remedy for everything from dry coughs in the night to diabetes control ! Yes this post is in loving memory of my ammatchi, who passed away a year ago due to renal failure. She was 89.
As we celebrate her first year death anniversary, I am reminiscencing all the goodness she had bestowed on me. Of course after my wedding my ammachi was away and didnt really have good rapport for some reason. Even till day i feel as if she lives in one of my mama's place.
That apart, She is Maria Selvam, the last of the nine children in her family of whom many died, She used to speak very high of her brother who brought her up and educated her. She was a trained teacher and very good in tailoring and embroidery. She taught me some embroidery and crochet too. She worked as a teacher and earned Rs. 20 as her salary, all this pre-independence period! She also used to tell stories of War period when cere…

Imitations Beware!!

Imitation means "That which is made or produced as a copy, that which is made to resemble something else". Ok i must confess it is featuring my lil baby, or shud i say she inspired this post.
1. She no longer wants to drink from her sipper but from a tumbler just like us.
2. She walks in from outside, removes her shoes and leaves them in the shoe rack following her dad.
3. wants to see herself in the mirror when dressed up just like her mom
4. does not want to sit in your lap instead wants to sit in her baby chair like we sit in our sofa
5. Wants to sing even though she knows no tune nor words when we sing along with the car radio

and the likes which are common in the households with toddlers, ask them they will tell stories... now again to the post, Children learn from imitating the elders at home and its perfectly normal infact part of their development. So beware all of us, whether be it parents or uncles or aunts or even neighbours , we have to be extra careful in all that we…

Im no longer Trinity....

Heyya folks its been two full years since i last wrote on this blog.... hopefully i will come with a bang this time! so the very first post will be with a change in my name. I will be hence forth called Divia in the bloggers space instead of my earlier name Trinty as i have named my little daughter the same. So now you would have guessed the reason for my sabatical. Yeah im still tied up with my baby but will find time to blog. Also presenting to you my babe Trinity Yazhini Clement. Will catch yall soon