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The CBC TABLOG 2: One aspect of Chennai that I would like to change

This Post is part of the CBC Tablog 2. The Chennai Bloggers Club, who are a 270 member strong blogging community have come together to celebrate this city by what they do the best - blogging. Here is a blog tag where 25 odd people each blogs on one aspect they want to change in namma Chennai and pass on the tag to another for everyday of August.
I thank Aravind Kumar for passing the baton to me, Aravind who is a food politician, blogs about both food and politics. He is a cool dude whose post are also inspired by his travels. His take on one aspect that i would like to change is found here
There are actually two parts to this post one is a different take on what others have mentioned earlier like no proper waste disposal, absence of dump sites or bins and futile storm water drains and lack of trees and garden. Waste Segregation - yes to separate stuff that can be decomposed and that which cannot be. Organic waste amounts to 40 - 50% of all solid waste, if we tackle this waste ouselve…

Sorgamae endralum athu namma oora pola varuma. Happy 375th Birthday Madras.

A seed is sown, it grows into a plant and in turn a big tree. Now the tree continues to live on with the support of the earth below it and the nourishment is drawn through the roots. My roots lie in Chennai, this great old city. Whether its Chennai or Madras doesnt matter. What's in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet. Yes the place is what matters, but the names of Institutuions cant be changed for eg. University of Madras cant become Chennai University as in Naukri's website.

I am an amalgamation of many things but the one crucial thing is this city. Even though I was born in coimbatore, I ve always lived and loved this city. We are currently writing a blog tag on one thing I'd like to change in this city as part of the Madras Day celebrations in Chennai Bloggers Club.  But here is a list of the things I like about my city (with or without those changes), in no particular order:

I met my best friends and the love of my life here. Ri…

Lonely....? Take time.

The above picture was taken in a stationary shop near my place, when i went to buy a ball pen. This evidently is the scribling pad to check how it writes. The above lines were obviously written by a young girl was a shocker to me. While it is really sad to see such a confident person (because she has expressed that she is a thin, beautiful and good girl) to be lonely, it serves as an eye opener to all parents, especially working parents who leave their child in the care of paid help and child care centres.

Im not here to deride working parents nor say that women are essentially needed at home for the family. Im sure all the folks slog it out at office to provide better living for their family, but just giving them food, shelter, clothing and education is not going to do the magic. The next generation which mostly comprises of an only child feels lonely even in the midst of a sea of people, then is it a cause for concern. The reason can be many but ranging from no one around to share …