Lonely....? Take time.

The above picture was taken in a stationary shop near my place, when i went to buy a ball pen. This evidently is the scribling pad to check how it writes. The above lines were obviously written by a young girl was a shocker to me. While it is really sad to see such a confident person (because she has expressed that she is a thin, beautiful and good girl) to be lonely, it serves as an eye opener to all parents, especially working parents who leave their child in the care of paid help and child care centres.

Im not here to deride working parents nor say that women are essentially needed at home for the family. Im sure all the folks slog it out at office to provide better living for their family, but just giving them food, shelter, clothing and education is not going to do the magic. The next generation which mostly comprises of an only child feels lonely even in the midst of a sea of people, then is it a cause for concern. The reason can be many but ranging from no one around to share how they feel to ''im no good', so i keep to myself from being hurt. Not only children, young adults, adults and elderly, without a rhyme or reason everyone hits this spot effortlessly. The growing no.of old age homes is a true mirror of the countless lonely people. A relative of mine very well to do had holiday resorts in ooty and thriving business sent his children to the best residential school bcoz he could afford it and it was also convinient because he and his wife were tied up with work. But now after his wife passed away his three married children sent him to a an elite swanky home for the aged where u pay a sizable amount every month and where u have your own room, room service and he has his car so he drives to the church and back and yet lives ALONE.

Did God create us to be lonely? NO. He created man and women to be friends for life. Then where did this concept of loneliness creep into the society/community. When we stopped caring for each other? Maybe I not able to pin down the list but what i do know is 'What goes around comes around". So let us reach out to our children, parents and friends despite our busy schedule. We are an amalgamation of our experiences with all others. So if we are proud of who we are let us be thankful to every soul who made it possible by taking time and reaching out. 


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