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The St. Paul I know...

As this is declared as the year of St. Paul, during the Church feast i wrote this essay for competition... read

As I go back my memory lane, the first time I ever heard of St. Paul was in my fifth std, when my friends and I had participated in a bible quiz competition in school. The quiz was different as we didn’t have to learn anything from the bible, my teacher would tell us a story and ask question from it. Sounds simple? yes. She told us the story of the conversion of St. Paul and the question she asked me was where was Saul heading to? pat came the answer from me “Damascus!”

Since then life has seen so many situations, happy ones, difficult ones, adventurous ones and challenging ones. However, the words of St. Paul to the various churches that were blooming at that time are both encouraging and apt to our daily life even though 2000 years have elapsed! The first time St. Paul’s words that touched me was when my best friend left the school and I was felling lonely and I thought my p…

MGM DIZEE WORLD.... really made me go spinning..yuck

Gone are the days when every summer, we got to go to some theme park and have fun with our visiting cousins. These days to get a holiday on the same day for my hubby and me is a miracle! So we decided to go to one of the theme parks and it was my choice to go this MGM Dizee World... i really dread this awful choice i made. The reason was i never gone in the famed RANGER and ROLLER COASTER! and so on day the nation celebrated the birthday of the father of our nation by watching interviews of glam girls and blockbuster movies(the TV people can be more creative!!!)i took a better bet of refreshing our minds rather than burdening it by sitting in front of the idiot box.

now that day we had a small obligation at church which held us till 9 in the morning and by the time we left it was 10 or so and we reached this place a little before 12 noon. now even we before reached the place we were put off! thanx to the chennai city traffic police. now i should say that my hubby is a careful driver an…