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Sales Person who made me small

Situation is Sunday morning in the drawing room

ME: (applying oil on His Head!?! ya coconut oil)

HE: (reading paper - THE HINDU)

ME: ##%$*!@ irritated at a sales person knocking at door

HE: go check what is it for

ME: me asking from inside the room what she wants

HE: go there and find out...

Salesperson: im from reliance do you want landline or bb connection?

ME: (still applying oil) no thank you we already have both connections (she goes away)

HE: ##%$*!@ (now irritated) why cant you go and there and ask?

ME: why should i ? nothing is more important for me than what im doing now !?!

HE: poor thing just because they dont have the means they are going around on a sunday from door to door! even if you dont need it atleast be courteous and be gentle and say you dont want it and thereby encourage them

me: !@! (i never even thought of these things!?! see how small i ve become!)
Hey mine does not need anyone around to be viewed [:)]

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