Sales Person who made me small

Situation is Sunday morning in the drawing room

ME: (applying oil on His Head!?! ya coconut oil)

HE: (reading paper - THE HINDU)

ME: ##%$*!@ irritated at a sales person knocking at door

HE: go check what is it for

ME: me asking from inside the room what she wants

HE: go there and find out...

Salesperson: im from reliance do you want landline or bb connection?

ME: (still applying oil) no thank you we already have both connections (she goes away)

HE: ##%$*!@ (now irritated) why cant you go and there and ask?

ME: why should i ? nothing is more important for me than what im doing now !?!

HE: poor thing just because they dont have the means they are going around on a sunday from door to door! even if you dont need it atleast be courteous and be gentle and say you dont want it and thereby encourage them

me: !@! (i never even thought of these things!?! see how small i ve become!)


Honey Bee said…
Cool buddy.. it happens.....
JollyRoger said…
Hmmm i'm surprised u blogged it, but yes, a little courtesy will make those poor peoples' days a little better
Oxymoron said…
Next time I see Jollyroger's tresses shining with good health, I'll know its courtesy who!! And btw, divs, it happens. We all go through experiences which remind us to be 'big'! Been there!
Chriz said…
i will ask my wife to write stuffs like this too... hehe
CM-Chap said…
Yup... A little courtesy can go a longway... I constantly remind my mind to be more courteous.
Aiswarya said…
Never see someone as smaller than you , for what they didnt choose! Life made get to where they are!

Nice post!

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