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Special ?! birthday

What do birthdays bring to our minds... celebration? How do i celebrate? a big question on my mind. 4th Dec was my birthday and invariably everyone who wished me on the phone asked the single question which challenged me... So, whats special today? How do i answer such a general question, what do i make out from this question, are they asking about the special food, special dress, special gift, special outing, or are they talking about the special day, what is this SPECIAL??? anyways enough of my ranting.... How do i tell these people that im always special to atleast a few people !!! my god firstly (as my blogs name suggest), my parents, my hubby, my sis and friends And indeed it was special for me, knowing that im remembered and cared for by people near and far.

The Day i lost my mobile

The miserable day i lost my mobile.... sounds like a movie name eh? Anyways on Nov 19th My buddies at office and i went to watch 'Varanam Ayiram' in INOX. When the movie was getting over i took my mobile out of my bag to text my hubby to pick me up... and left it in my lap and when the movie got over when i got up i could feel my phone falling down and immediately started searching for it and to my disbelief i could not find it! wont you be able to find something you dropped by mistake in its place... no it was not there... and the one who flicked it even switched it off...

Now something about my phone i bought it after so much proding from my then fiance and now hubby, as he wanted to talk to me... till then i never wanted to have a phone! so it happened that in Aug 2006 i bought the nokia 1110, a very basic phone with polyphonic ringtones and white display, the supposed advantages! It has faced several hardships and survived all the torments in my hands. Bravo my dear phone! …


I dont need to brief you about this gory incident that happened two days ago. My blood froze when i saw how the third year students of the AMBEDKAR?! LAW COLLEGE were beaten to death... yes three are very serious and on life support!
The reason for the flair up is supposed to be the name of the college!?!... some pamphlet was printed for culturals with the college' name as Chennai Law college instead of Ambedkar Law college! We really dont know what these injured students said or did to the ones who attacked them... what ever they did, it doesnt warrant these senior students to become so cruel...
For a quick peek I ve always heard that people who study in the Law College are pucca rowdies... that is one reason why my dad refused for me to study there. I am glad i didnt study there.

Now the discussion or my venting out starts here

* the police were on lookers.. the had given a dumb reason that ti…

The St. Paul I know...

As this is declared as the year of St. Paul, during the Church feast i wrote this essay for competition... read

As I go back my memory lane, the first time I ever heard of St. Paul was in my fifth std, when my friends and I had participated in a bible quiz competition in school. The quiz was different as we didn’t have to learn anything from the bible, my teacher would tell us a story and ask question from it. Sounds simple? yes. She told us the story of the conversion of St. Paul and the question she asked me was where was Saul heading to? pat came the answer from me “Damascus!”

Since then life has seen so many situations, happy ones, difficult ones, adventurous ones and challenging ones. However, the words of St. Paul to the various churches that were blooming at that time are both encouraging and apt to our daily life even though 2000 years have elapsed! The first time St. Paul’s words that touched me was when my best friend left the school and I was felling lonely and I thought my p…

MGM DIZEE WORLD.... really made me go spinning..yuck

Gone are the days when every summer, we got to go to some theme park and have fun with our visiting cousins. These days to get a holiday on the same day for my hubby and me is a miracle! So we decided to go to one of the theme parks and it was my choice to go this MGM Dizee World... i really dread this awful choice i made. The reason was i never gone in the famed RANGER and ROLLER COASTER! and so on day the nation celebrated the birthday of the father of our nation by watching interviews of glam girls and blockbuster movies(the TV people can be more creative!!!)i took a better bet of refreshing our minds rather than burdening it by sitting in front of the idiot box.

now that day we had a small obligation at church which held us till 9 in the morning and by the time we left it was 10 or so and we reached this place a little before 12 noon. now even we before reached the place we were put off! thanx to the chennai city traffic police. now i should say that my hubby is a careful driver an…

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Rain drops are falling on my head...

Rain drops are falling on my head...

This is an old song (youtube link). I’ve always wanted to sing this song and dance around in the rain.

Time never gave me an opportunity to do so... as you will get wet in the rain in the most unwanted while I’m riding in the bike a.k.a. Scooty (as my dad first and my hubby now object to my Scooty being called as 'the bike') or going for a wedding reception!

This was also starting to look like one of the fateful days when we were returning from a wedding reception... but we just escaped by getting into the car when it started to pour cats and dogs with plenty of thunder and lightening! I was in a situation with mixed feelings as I didn’t want the rain to go on as i would spoil my lovely off white kanjeevaram saree, if i get wet. At the same time the mischievous kid inside wanted to dance in the rain.

And it happened as my beloved drove me as close to my doorstep he got out in the rain opened the door brought the umbrella for me and…

Flowers... any takers?

Flowers from my Garden...

I didn't toil for it (gardening is my MIL's hobby) nevertheless the very sight of them gives me joy, a sense of satisfaction. How many of us - girls like flowers? most of us would be the answer. those of us who say NO, can have their point.

But why do you like flowers? if someone had to ask, im clueless and how many of you receive flowers from our boy friends, would be's and hubby's.. the number is dismal. So that is why i dried the first rose that i got from my Hubby when he was my fiance, and also framed it and gave it as a gift for our first wedding anniversary. Hoping to get more such ones.

Im Tagged Again!!! By Jollyroger of course, coz nobody ever reads my blog. Rules of this Tag: Pick up the nearest book.Open to page 123.Find the fifth sentence.Post the next three sentences.Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.And since we live in the same house the Tamilnadu guide map is the only book within reach!? So i'm typing from 'One Minute Wisdom' by Anthony De Mello which I just finished reading. This book contains short stories as told by a Hindu Guru, a zen Roshi, a Taoist Sage, a Jewish Rabbi, a Christian Monk, a Sufi Mystic, A Lao Tzu, Socrates, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed - to be read one by one everyday and meditate upon. For a difference i'd like to deviate from the rule to open page no.123 by changing the no. to 132 (as its too abstract on page 123)"One of the disconcerting -- and delightful -- teachings of the Master was: God is closer to sinners than to saints.This is how he explained it: God on heaven holds each person by a…

Music & Midnight

Guess im blogging only when im tagged?!
Music transcends space and time. The perfect example was how I got to do this musical tag! Now my hubby and I have the habit of listening to music (English, Instrumental, Gospel and Tamil) while we go to sleep that’s the only time I get to do it. Yesterday while we were listening to music and discussing something suddenly he sprang up from the bed and said you have to do it now… and as usual I was clueless!?! Then he told me abt the tag in his blog… and he also did it for me in my laptop and said publish this post first thing in the morning….and here I am…

So, here are the rules of the tag

1. Put your iPod (or other source of music) on shuffle mode.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write the name of the song no matter what. No cheating!

"If someone says 'Is this okay?', you say?"
Because you loved me – Celine Dion

"What would best describe your personality?"
American Pie – John denver…