Flowers... any takers?

Flowers from my Garden...

I didn't toil for it (gardening is my MIL's hobby) nevertheless the very sight of them gives me joy, a sense of satisfaction. How many of us - girls like flowers? most of us would be the answer. those of us who say NO, can have their point.

But why do you like flowers? if someone had to ask, im clueless and how many of you receive flowers from our boy friends, would be's and hubby's.. the number is dismal. So that is why i dried the first rose that i got from my Hubby when he was my fiance, and also framed it and gave it as a gift for our first wedding anniversary.
Hoping to get more such ones.


Anonymous said…
what a lovely garden!

West Bremerton flowers
PurpleHeart said…
That's nice gardening !
Viajero said…
The most lovely of flowers in the pics would be the dried rose, isnt it? :)

Hey visit mine, Quest, to see Nishagandhi that bloomed in our garden :)
Hey D, nice to see that you dried and framed that rose, waited for one year, hid it and finally gave it to jolly roger on your first anniversary.But why is it that most girls are always on the receiving end and never on the giving end?(except some like you). Yet they always crib and complain that men never give em gifts.. Thats not fair is it?.
Aiswarya said…
Lovely lovely, You guys and soo sweeett!!!!
!! Oxymoron !! said…
Divs, super idea (the drying first rose and framing!) if you dont mind, I'm going to pick it up too! (for later!)

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