I dont need to brief you about this gory incident that happened two days ago. My blood froze when i saw how the third year students of the AMBEDKAR?! LAW COLLEGE were beaten to death... yes three are very serious and on life support!
The reason for the flair up is supposed to be the name of the college!?!... some pamphlet was printed for culturals with the college' name as Chennai Law college instead of Ambedkar Law college! We really dont know what these injured students said or did to the ones who attacked them... what ever they did, it doesnt warrant these senior students to become so cruel...
For a quick peek I ve always heard that people who study in the Law College are pucca rowdies... that is one reason why my dad refused for me to study there. I am glad i didnt study there.

Now the discussion or my venting out starts here

* the police were on lookers.. the had given a dumb reason that till they receive a complaint they would not take action.... will the policemen standing there do nothing if the beaten were one of their children? I dont know why its becoming a trend these days.. this was the same case with Sr. Meena who was raped in the communal riot in Orissa.. they were on-lookers (its a post on its own)

* Some policemen were transfered and some suspended... how does it help... now all the opposition parties are blaming the police, as if they started the clash... My concern is that the story is taking a turn and the focus is moving from the Cold blooded Students to the on-looking policemen!

* Even if they had to wait for complaint to take action and order a lathi charge or tear gas.... they could have simply pulled the injured away from the "gundas students" he was lying outside the gate... this is called Presence of mind!!!

* Now the students - they are studying Law!? meaning they have to be the protectors of the Law and Justice... they should have taken it to court and dealt with the matter... no, they are not bothered about what they study.. because what they study and what they do are total opposites!!! Even people in the army shoot their enemies and thats about it, this was slowly bringing death in the most excruciating manner. My husband and I are undergoing treatment for disc slip and neck strain respectively, both are very painful and cant imagine how these injured will live the rest of their lives! They will never be normal again!

* Such students dont derserve education and that to in the field of Law... they should be Debarred from the College and University. It might help many deserving students.

* Now a big mob attacked, only 9 people were arrested, what happened to the rest? the footage must help to identify the rest of the rouges!

Until a few days ago i was thinking Chennai was comparibly a safe place to live and thankfully its where i lived and continue to live... but this episode in particular is frightening because first of all we have wild animals on the prowl and secondly the police will not help!!!
God save this country


JollyRoger said…
Its the irony of our times.

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