If this vehicle is found driving rashly or over speeding contact @#$*&^?><~! some no...” This we would have seen invariably behind all the cabs which ply in the city on behalf of all the IT and BPO companies. Last when I met my aunt on a social visit she was telling that one of these cabs was over speeding and almost ran over her (it is a regular feature in all localities) so she decided to call these nos and gave the vehicle no., the area and the time and the date. Know what was the reply given to her? “We will inform the driver concerned!?” as if he doesn’t know he is over speeding.. and what measures they are taking? God only knows!

This Building is Rainwater Harvested” this again is sign seen on most building after the famous rule of our Ex CM. but the rule or law does not stop after issuing it rather is complete only when executed to the dot, otherwise it was better never passed. For when it passed many implemented it including my flat. But many place the concept was not done accurately like the pipe line coming to the well or the bore well should go through a pit filled with sand and gravel and several others in a sandwich fashion which acts as a filter for the water and this was some 1 m deep but this was not followed in different places to save a lot of trouble and money. This would lead to contamination of groundwater which they least cared about!

EIA- Environmental Impact Assessment” Anyone who reads the environmentally sensitive issues (eg. Sethusamudram Project, the SEZs near Mumbai) in the news paper couldn’t have missed out this term. If there are some new projects/ building coming up in a natural ecosystem like a lake or marsh then they have to do an assessment to see if their project would any way affect the ecosystem… it surely does! Remember Newton’s third law? But the flaw or the loophole is the concerned person employs an agency or lab to do the EIA and not the govt. so the agency always gives a report in favour of the Project with of course some suggestions!?! This is rarely followed…

My concern is do whatever completely in all its respects, if not interested don’t do it in the first place! Half done work is equivalent to NOT DOING IT. My Physics teachers used to tell us, ‘only once in your life time you are going to do this 12th std physics record so do it well, I don’t want any namesake record’ coz we used just scribble in between other records and the different tuitions.

While I was thinking why do people do the things for the sake of doing it, I could only think of is Lack of PASSION! We should do things as if they meant very close to our hearts. St. Ignatius of Loyola said ‘Work as if everything depends on you and Pray as if everything depends on God’. The reason why im blogging this topic is bcoz i should not fall into this category of name sakes while im doing my thesis writing for want of time or laziness or any other reason.... so now you know why all this blah blah.... people pray for me, it drives me crazy..... :)


JollyRoger said…
You will do it and do it well. Keep going!
Trinity said…
thank you sweet heart
chronicwriter said…
gud thoughts.. i came here through roger's blog.. gud one.. you can work on the templates... hop down to my blog in ur free time and do comment
Oxymoron said…
Nice blog trinity! Will keep u in my prayers for the thesis! And one more namesake exclusive to India - "please do not spit here"!! haha!!

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