The day i got married....

Now the story of my wedding day starts (in chronological order...)
Jan 22, 2007: the day which i've been dreaming of, for so long had arrived it was such a busy day!
I was lazing around (basically uploading the engagement snaps that happened the previous night and checking last minute emails?!) till 12: 30 and went late to the beauty parlour!
when i went there the chief of all the ladies there who suppose to dress me up was streaking someone else's hair! and when i arrived she said plz wait and i was so pissed and started yelling at her as i have booked that timing with her... (and the reason she gave was 'you didnt come so i started with her') and to my shock my mom in law was sitting there quietly with her sister in the corner while i was fuming at the staff! (she had come to do her hair do...) and my sister was literally holding my hand so tight and was telling cool down and dont spoil day and while i had a hair wash with straight control shampoo?! i didnt understand it... is it controlling the straightness my hair and making it bouncy....for which she charged me extra! God only knows. He definitely knows :)) the chief was styling my mom in laws hair and i made her hurry coz i have to get out before 3:30 as the wedding was scheduled at 4 in the church before which i have to go home wear my jewels and say prayer and get blessings from elders and then rush to church.
Inspite of my best efforts to be early i was late by 15 mins. Everyone was tensed....
bcoz The Bishop of Trichy is waiting for Me the lazy bum!!!

Then I went inside the church, the mass started as i entered with my dad holding my hand and the orchestra played here comes the comes the bride. He(my hubby) paid 18000 rs to these people (orchestra ) coz these guys are professional who play for the movies.

He was irritated bcoz the Bishop cut down two songs bcoz i came late and he had paid heavy a sum to them for this! the two readings were done by him and me, the homily was given by His Grace the bishop and the marriage rite was done by my uncle and we both gave our commitment and the knot was tied and the rings exchanged and the mass went on well... excepting the nerve wrecking offetry gifts episode, the bread and wine which He and i had to take specifically was missing!

My sis was incharge of all the offetry gifts but the bread and wine which was to be taken from the church itself was forgotten amidst all other loose ends... so my sis and uncle went running to the sacristy to get it...really tense everyone in the offetry procession went off to the altar excepting the bride and the groom and when they brought it he was speeding like a bullet train and poor me couldnt keep pace with him with my bridal saree and veil and bouquet!
the wedding was over atlast (the mass i mean, its actually the beginning of our life of togetherness, shared dreams, a commitment for life) with the signing of the register (here again in the marriage register my name was wrongly spelt and my age was also wrong it was given one year more than what i am! but what to do i had to sign...sigh) and the exchange of garlands and lots of snaps too!
We took the car went to his house and ate some PAL Pazham(milk and fruits, which he detests!) and he changed into his reception suit which co-ordinated with my receptionsilk, which was Fanta Orage and left to my house and again ate the same things and i changed my saree within 10 mins (suprisingly :P)
and rushed to the Hall and the it was already packed!

We went inside and the cake was blessed and cut and the toast was given and a small ppt presentation was shown with pic of both families right from our parents weddings! till today the important things that we have come thro... hope people enjoyed it, atleast i did. A word of thanks to all my friends who helped us around and to my choir which really sang so well.

In the meantime the new storm that was creating havoc in the dining hall was that, food hadnt arrived! my mum and dad were perplexed as some of the crowd started to leave...these stupid caterers got caught in the traffic! by God grace(He is the Lord of all creation, and said 'Be Calm'.)they arrived. There was a huge rush and few of them still left without eating bcoz it was getting late...

While the long winding line (to me it looked like a humongus Anaconda whose tail i could not see.... sorry for the intudence of my zoology) of wishing the couple started which came to an EnD atlast at 10: 30.


At last i sat .... had dinner and went home for the big night

Ok lights off.... ;)


Oxymoron said…
Aha!!! Another perspective!! Good one!!
Vani's World said…
cooool....well..kinda inspiring...will record mine when it will be my turn...hahahah...

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