This month i got my salary and slightly less amount as i had taken more casual leaves than permitted so they had deducted it from my salary...
to top it i had to pay my fees for this semester and all my money i used up to pay my fees, and had very little money for my personal expense...

but i was feeling bad bcoz i had little money and i couldnt help my parents with all the wedding expenses (my little part) and also bcoz of my inability for loan (im not eligible for loan as im on contract basis)
but yday while i was busy doing some analysis all the staff were called for and guess what we were given a BONUS!!!
since we had finished a project recently the consultancy guy was paying us for it
a bonus which is worth 60% of my salary...
can you beleive it, i cant!
not bcoz im having some more money to spend or this is going to help my parents very much but the way in which He works ... absolutely suprising!
i didnt even pray for some money...but knew deep down that he will not leave me in want for He is a God who provides.

He is God of suprises!


JollyRoger said…
Yes baby. I have never been in want for money, He finds new ways to provide for me.
Oxymoron said…
The Lord is my Shepherd, "I SHALL NOT WANT!!!!" Congrats on the bonus!

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